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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the scholarship for?

It is for studying only with the
International Open University (IOU) in one of their 4-year degree programs

2. What does it cover?

It includes all materials required to study i.e. text books, lectures, etc.

3. How do I study?

Studying is online and can be done from anywhere or any place. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet and access to the internet

4. What are Learning Centres?

Learning centres are facilities that provide resources i.e. access to computers and internet to students who do not have the necessary means to study their courses. Please note that you do not need a learning centre nearby in order to study

5. Where do I write my exams?

All final exams are written at an approved exam centre. There are many centres in South Africa, however, if you do not have a centre close to your home - you can register a new centre.

6. What are the 3 courses?

The 2 courses are part of a general diploma which IOU offers. IOU has made these 2 courses a prerequisite for applying for the scholarship. In other words, you cannot apply for the scholarship without having completed these 2 courses. It is the most important aspect to complete in order to qualify for the scholarship

7. I have registered for my degree course, what do I do now?

Please follow the instructions carefully. You must first register for the
general diploma and complete the 2 courses

8. How much does the 2 courses cost?

Contact for more information

9. How long does the 2 courses take to complete?

Approximately 3 weeks, however, it entirely depends on you. Ultimately how much time you are able to dedicate per day will determine how quickly you complete the courses.

10. What do I do when I have completed the 3 courses?

Contact AMF and submit your documentation for processing

Do you still have a question we have not answered?
Please feel free to contact us

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